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The Bios:

Mick Taylor 
The founding member of Saints N Sinners (1963-1972). Mick is a Musician and Artist and has owned and managed several sign companies in the USA and Aruba and is one of the few actual sign painters left in the United States. Mick has worked at Disney in Orlando in the art department and also designed for the Clothing line at the Disney Stores.  He Re-Started the Saints N Sinners in 2013 and then in 2014 Mick was diagnosed with Lung Cancer and from that diagnosis he had over 2/3 of his lung removed and underwent Chemo Therapy. Through all of that he managed to keep the Saints N Sinners going even though he was so sick and weak. He had to have blood transfusions and many hospital stays but he still persevered. He is an inspiration to all " Do not give up hope " and if you have seen him performed today you would not know he has gone through hell and has come back stronger than ever . One of the Bands charity that they support is the American Cancer Society. Married to my wife Jackie who is also our Booking Agent and Band Mom for 13years and have one daughter Shannon and four step children, 11 grandchildren and one great grandchild 
Bob Stewart aka Tynker 
I began music at the age of 11 at Troy Grade School in Shorewood.  I began by playing clarinet in the school band.  The band teacher went to my parents and asked if they would get me lessons to play bassoon if the school would purchase the instrument, which they did, and I became the solo bassoon player for the school up thru 8th grade. By the time I was in 8th grade, 1968, rock music was now becoming my interest and I bought myself a bass guitar and amp and taught myself to play it. I was drawn to the music from Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, The Animals, Deep Purple, and Bloodrock. I ended up getting into a band of neighborhood kids with Glen Bernard and Bill Holmes and others that we met along the way, Glen playing drums and Bill was lead guitar.  Glen was also our singer.  We played out at some of the local venues,  in Shorewood at The Shoreclub, and other places in nearby towns.  The band changed members a few times picking up keyboards and rhythm and singers under the name of Eli’s Massacre.  When the band broke around 1971, I joined a band with Ray Suste, Ken Spaldnik, Jon McBride and Kevin Ruth. We did a lot of Deep Purple stuff, Ray was an awesome singer!  After graduating high school, I married my soul mate Bettie in June of 1972, that is almost 45 years ago now and we are still together. About a year later the band broke up. I applied and was hired by Xerox Corp as a field service technician and worked there for 40 years having 4 great kids along the way.  During that time, I had let the bass sit in the closet, a 1970 Fender Jazz bass, which I still have.  I had lost contact with Glen and the others during that time, but ended up getting back in touch with him early fall of 2013. In November, Glen talked to me about Saints N Sinners, that they were in need of a bass player.  While I had picked it up every once in a while, I was far from “in form”, so I spent the next few weeks working hard to get my mojo back, just in time to perform at Knights of Columbus on New Year’s Eve.  I feel lucky to have gotten the chance to join and be a part of Saints N Sinners, a band that I remembered quite well from my early days!  This is a great group of guys and the talent is just amazing!  We are writing a few of own songs, and bringing back some of the songs written by Saints N Sinners back in the day.  We cover the music of the Vietnam War era which is our favorite as well as our fans. We do our best to make sure that every song we do is well known and loved by our fans, the songs that they know all the lyrics to and can sing along! We have our own sound and style, you have to come hear us! 
Frankie Ricci 
It all started for Myself when was kid, hummin' to the radio, cruizin' the town with mom. 
My love for music started at an early age. 
In Junior High, the choir director noticed a talent and put me into the honors choir. 
As a Tenor in High School,  I landed a few solos and even a lead role in the operetta "The Mikado", a Gilbert and Sullivan classic. 
Also during high school, I sang in a few garage bands and learned how to play the guitar good enough to realize I could write songs (so the quest begins)...... 
I started writing song after song.......more lost than i can remember. 
After high school, still writing songs, I got involved with a few more garage and basement bands as a Singer/Bass guitarist.  
'Laughing out loud!!!!!'  They gave me the nickname, Frank "T" Bass Player.  

Years later, I discovered KARAOKE and with this new tool, I developed my voice further. 
I won numerous contests in the area and alot of money and a couple of trips.. 'Laughing out loud again', Under the name "JIMBO". Man, I acquired a lot of nicknames. 
Being turned on to a few new genres  of music, including artists like Edwin McCain, Garth Brooks and even Local Artist Kimi Hayes, 
I started writing songs again. You can hear some of them at 
I Spent nine years with a group named "The Muttz" (The Lusty Muttz) where as the Rhythm Guitarist/Vocalist,  Shadowed Singers Bobby Pitcher and John Callahan.   
I've learned a lot from both of them but, with much respect, It was time to do my own thing. 
Perfectly Frank was an Acoustic Duo I put together to allow myself to play music I loved, explore my creativity and of course make a buck$$$ 
We really hit the scene rather well but, after a while, I got the itch again to want to play in a full group again. 
One Day, I get this message from Jackie Taylor asking if i would be interested in an audition for the Saints'N'Sinners. 
My first thought was "This must be a joke!!". No one has ever approached me like that offering me an audition for anything. 
I have auditioned for other groups before and got the "thanks but no thanks" so i wasn't gonna expect much. 
Needless to say, I went. We played a few tunes, talked a bit and if I remember correctly, I left that day as the new Saints"N"Sinners Lead Singer though, they had to keep me in suspense and called me the next day. 
I have to admit, this was very new to me, performing some of these songs I never heard or considered performing, and being the The Front Man in an awesome six piece Rock Band but, I'm discovering something in me I never thought I had and now I'm constantly searching for new ways to enhance our performance and the best part is, They let me!!!!!!!! 
Now at age 51, most would say I'm done but, Being the late Bloomer I am, I'm telling you........It's only the beginning!!!!! 
Bill Ambrosini aka Ambro 
I started playing drums in 4th grade band and stayed in the school band program through Grade School and High School and received two scholarships in Music . 
In the late 60's I got hired as the House Drummer of a very well known country bar called "The Lake N Park Inn" I played every Friday and Saturday at the Lake for some of Country Music Biggest Stars, Mel Tillis, Dolly Parton, Barbra Mandrel, Crystal Gail, Lorreta Lynn, Glen Campbell, Willy Nelson just to name a few. I stayed there for five years. 
In the Mid Seventies I joined a road band called The IRS Express and mainly played college towns in the Tri State Area. 
I quit playing Music from 1980 to 2005 to raise my family. In 2005 I joined a rock band named Division Street and we mainly played in the Chicago Area. 
I decided Music was still in my Blood so I played with various Chicago Bands. 
I have been with the Saints N Sinners for the past two years and enjoy every minute of it with these guys. We are family and I am blessed to have so many friends. 

Virgil Neace

Virgil has put together some of the top bands on the Chicago bar circuit for the last 30 plus years. His last project Hi Infidelity was a top drawing band for over twenty years. It evolved from the previous band, Midnight Chauffeur.  Prior t that he founded southern rock band , Swindle and the earliest band Fare Game. Virgil has many hobbies he loves all Chicago sports teams like the White Sox, Bulls, Bears and Blackhawks. Most of Virgils hobbies are music related. He has a vast CD collection and thousands of live concert videos. Also a massive vintage guitar and amplifier collection of over 70 guitars and over 40 amplifiers. Plus he has a small sound company and has mixed almost any band that has been around for a while,including many National Acts such Cheap Trick, Foghat, Egar Winter, Pat Travers, Humble Pie, Warrant, Blue Oyster Cult, and local bands such as ARRA, Infinity, and many more.

You get the picture. Virgil has spent many years doing what he loves. Virgil was a meat cutter for Dominick's from 1976 till they closed and it was here he learned the lesson of being a people person. All of Virgil's bands have made people feel part of what they are doing and that what the fans thinks counts for something. Virgil has two sons , Virgil Robert and Jonathon William, five grandchildren and his wife of 15 years Kimberly. As you can see Family and Music are Virgils life and love

Tom Irons 

Classically trained pianist since age 8. Got involved with bands at age 18. Played with Ezra Stone and Blazer from Cicero/Berwyn area. Backed up Survivor and Off Broadway. Composed and recorded the sound track for the movie "The Psychotronic Man. Heavily influenced by Deep Purple, The Moody Blues, Allman Brothers and Steely Dan. Took some time off to raise a family and then got back into the music business a few years ago. Love performing at live shows